Join us for Singularity University's Women @ the Frontier

Women at the Frontier will begin with a Frontier Expo showcasing groundbreaking women-led initiatives, companies and entrepreneurial ventures, and women's resource associations. Current Expo presenters include Girls in Tech, Pachamama Alliance, NAWBO-sv, Spark, the Myelin Repair Foundation, and several women led tech start ups....more

The Cylons Cometh: Human-Machine Hybrids and our Impending Immortality

Calculating the rise and fall of science fiction books, television shows, and movies, I've determined the obvious. Science fiction is no longer dismissed easily as distractions for geeky misfits or as fanciful tales for children, and that may be because the world's observed science fiction over the years become science fact. Yes, my dear Virginia, humans are near designing artificial life on laptops from the comfort of their homes. ...more

The ethics of all this are key. If creating a synthetic being is possible, how long do you ...more