You married a sinner!

Why is it that we are so eager to seek advice from “coaches” on dating, sex, relationships, marriage, etc., when all the answers we need are written in one single book? Hmm! I have seen so many relationship posts online recently and most of them are so off, I almost want to laugh. But then I look at these “coaches” pages and see the amount of people following them. Holy Cow!...more

God Uses Sinners

December 17 Matt. 1:1-17I love reading the genalogy of Matthew--because it reminds me that God uses the worst of the worst to bring is reign into being--there ae murderers, adulterers, thieves, liars, prostitutes, deceivers--it reminds me that God calls me not out of my goodness--me a liar, theif, former prostitute, deceiver--priest--to bring the reign of God inot being. For me I serve God because Jesus loves me inspite of myself as no one else has ever loved me--and he loves all of us that way--if we but open our eyes and hearts.  ...more

Saint or Sinner?

Motherhood is no job for Saints.  Just look at St. Jane de Chantal.   ...more