Hit by a car, horrified by customer service, heard by Siri

Today has been slightly challenging, and I have a bitchin’ headache. For starters, it feels like we’re living on the sun’s surface here in DC. It is mofo hot, and you know me and my Louisiana blood: I can stand a lot of hot weather. But the past few days of 90s and skeeters are bringing me down. Did y’all see that recent study showing that increased temperatures caused by climate change are likely to fuel violence in those countries most affected? I get that, man. When it’s SO hot for SO long, people feel stretched, their fuses are shorter....more

I Heart My iPhone - But Siri's Fired.

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@KenMcDonald Are you kidding me!? I looooove TeamSnap. It's not the first time I've mentioned ...more

5 Reasons Why My Husband Needs ME More Than Siri

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Siri Self-Immolates: Film at 11

An iPhone started super-heating and emitting smoke on an Australian airplane today, according to one of Rupert Murdoch's quality newspapers....more