Barbie Dream House Eviction Notice

My sister and I are 18 months apart. We were Irish twins, doing everything together. I rushed to keep up with her in everything she did, and I also like to think that I held her back a little bit. It’s all about compromise people.Now, the dark underbelly of having kids so close in age is that it’s exhausting (or so my mother keeps saying). Their childhood becomes a series of COPY and PASTE. “Ooh, that outfit is cute, I’ll just buy 2. Ooh, that toy looks fun, they can just share it. Did I put both kids in the car….eh, probably.”...more

Sister Saturday- Hot Chocolate

Sister Saturday- Hot Chocolate...more

A Letter To My Sister

So, it was my sister’s birthday the other day and since I could not be there in person, ocean dividing, I wrote her a letter. Last I heard, she replied back, I love you too.____...more

Sister Act

How many of you have sisters?  Although sisters are family, they are also our friends.  Sisters know us on a whole other level, because they’ve been there since the beginning.  If you’re the oldest, you welcomed your baby sister with open arms.  You held her like she was your own personal doll.  If you’re the youngest, you looked up to your older sister for advice and wanted to be like her.  And if you’re a middle child, well, you had the best of both worlds.  Of course there’s the flip side, we fought and argued while growing up and said things like...more

Another Thanksgiving

Jim’s sister is kind enough to have us over, so the nomads without an oven have an invitation with the kids. You miss your parents, and the memories of Thanksgivings past. I am thankful for the Thanksgivings current and hopeful for Thanksgivings to come. I am thankful for you, dear reader-have a safe, happy Thanksgiving! ...more


I never wanted to grow up. Maybe I had a premonition of what adult life held in store for me. I knew where I was happiest, and that was in the twilight of childhood, never sure what was real and what was fantasy. I lived on dreams and half-truths, my poor eyesight protecting me from things I didn’t want to see. I focused myopically on the pages in front of me. As long as I had my nose in a book, nobody could touch me. The world faded away and became harmless....more

Special Day

My Brother Bob is sixty-three today and I am blessed to have him as a brother. Without him, there would have been no taking care of Mom at home. The past four years have worn us down, but with God’s help, we are both here. I love him to the ends of the earth and wished him this morning in Polish,”Sto Lat”, meaning may you live a hundred years. ...more

Something Else

  I didn’t mean to hurt you. That time I said he was my favorite. Brother. It’s not that   What I meant was  Well, you’re different. You’re something else.            I will give you this: you never came at me with stealth, a certain anarchy oozing from your pores. And not once did you approach me hands choke hold ready and cheeks stoplight red but forging through anyway. You were different. A low tide. Quiet, steady....more

I'm still surprised...

So before I logged off the computer for the night, I checked my e-mail.  #1 had sent me a prayer and a "hey how's it going" email and I'd filled her (kind of) on the events of the last two weeks.  And I got a reply back - "keeping...prayers said."  And that brought me to tears.  And I have no idea why, other than it's evidence that she cares, which is all I've wanted to know. Beginning to wonder if my being "sensitive" and easily getting choked up has anything to do with waning levels of seroquel.  That being said, I'll say good night and go take my meds.&nb...more

Baby Bump

I am excited to share some snapshots I took of my sister and brother in law (and their 4 legged daughter, Athena). Baby E arrives in two months from TODAY!! ...more