Mourning a Loss: Processing Divorce

Mood Swings I've been in a funk lately. A few weeks ago I was in denial. Last week I was deeply sad. This week, I'm angry....more

Write, He Said (Major Surgery & the Road to Recovery) — My Amazing Family — Sunday Morning Rerun

I'm rerunning this post today because it's as true today as it was then.  ...more

Life at the HOUSE of JOES - or - When it Comes to In-laws, Sometimes Divorce is the Only Way Out - 3

My ex-husband’s sister, Lamilla (aka “Lambchop”) is three years older than Joey. When she graduated from high school she decided to go to a college where she would be living in a dorm – a 2-hour drive from home. Big Joe, Derba and Joey drove her up to the school, where they helped her unpack and set up her room. Her roommate arrived and settled in, and the family bade their farewells and drove away. Around 11:00 that evening Lamilla phoned her parents in tears. “Please come pick me up....more

Confessions of an Insomniac: Babies, babies and more babies

It serves me right for making fun of the furniture dream … I used to think babies were evil. I would cover my ears when they would scream or cry. They were all disgusting no matter what they did. Babies are always puking and pooping. And, for some reason, moms have no shame and want to show you what their new baby has done. This used to not be cute to me … Read more of this entry >> ...more