Whirlwind weekend.

Whirlwind weekend. It was a whirlwind of a weekend loaded with nursing home stays, a crazy cat, softball cancellations, and visits to others. I am now back at work in my cozy little office, and it has started off as another extremely busy week. My boss will be very happy with all the new business we are writing. It seems the economy is finally starting to turn in our favor. ...more

Face Painting - On My Leg


Blogging Mothers

This morning on the WUSA9 News Now show, Liz McConville, the Resource Editor for Washington FAMILY Magazine along with Janine Nickel, a blogger on the Washington FAMILY Magazine web site visited with Peggy Fox about mom bloggers.  The number of moms who are online and blogging has really exploded in recent months. ...more

Great post on the exploding number of blogging Mom's.  We have so much to ...more

Medication and a high chair

I think I spoke to soon on the medication. Jude spent most of yesterday asleep, which made me worry the medication was to much to soon. I called the doctor, and he approved cutting back to 2,1,2. Jude was wide awake this morning so I hope he will be more awake this morning. He was rather comical when I picked him up out of his bassinet. He was so excited to see me he kept smiling, but so hungry he would stick out his bottom lip too. I hated leaving him this morning, but since it's Friday I know I get the weekend with him. Tonight though, it's a date night with Mike. ...more

Stormy Tuesday

It's storming again in Texas, and we are being told there is another threat of supercell issues. I am sure all will be fine here, but just as a warning use caution. Yes, you know what I am referring to. ...more

Our part in Childhood stroke awareness day

My blog is under construction today so please bear with me. You will see changes going on throughout the morning. ...more

The Long and Short of It

"We can take it another step in that direction," my stylist said cautiously. I'd just outlined a fairly ambitious plan to excise all evidence of what's simply referenced around here as The Incident. "I'm prepared to take it all the way up to the chin," I offered. ...more

I start my day (post #496)

I start my day...This is my 496th post on my ordinary life.  I am dealing with my siblings, father and wonderful hubby.  Trying to eek out some time to be an unpublished writer at this time.  Enjoy ...more

Not Newsworthy, After All

I braved the crowds at a local shopping mall yesterday, dragging with me my 3-year-old son, my sister and her two youngsters (both under 18 mo.). By "braved," I mean we went stupidly. ...more