4 Week Anniversary!

Happy 4 week anniversary to me!  This is the 4th week of living at my sisters since my boyfriend cast me out into "space".  I'm thinking this space might be definite. I don't have much to say where he's concerned.  We've only spoken when I have contacted (kick me kick me!), I have been to the house where its freakily just as I left it as if I've just been plucked out of life, getting slowly dirtier thats for sure.. ...more

Do you see a Boy Scout badge anywhere on me?

My sister has been talking about this PTO that she has to take at work or she’s going to lose it.  She brought up the idea of a camping trip.  Not CAMPING camping….if I can’t touch butterfly crap do you really see me out in a tent?…but a cabin in NC owned by a gen ...more

Honorary Latina

Many people in South Florida have a Latin heritage. I don't. My only claim to Latina fame is my sister, whose father is Mexican. She has other sisters on that side of the family who are Latinas. One of them is called Chiquita. You can't get much more Latin than that. My sister lives several states away, and when she visited recently, I introduced her to Pollo Tropical. She had black beans and rice. I also forced her to try the fried plantains and yucca. ...more

These hands

I noticed my hands the other day. Well, actually I noticed my sisters' hands. My sisters are older than I and their hands possess the onion skin and freckles that remind me of long lazy mornings spent with my grandmother. My hands do not bear those signs yet, but I can see them just below the surface. These hands that type and wash and work. These hands that once spent their days smoothing on diaper rash, drying off tears, poised beneath a tentatively raised sippy cup, ready just in case. ...more

I Want a Cowboy for Christmas

I Want a Cowboy for Christmas I really do want a cowboy for Christmas...well, actually, I want the idea of a cowboy more than the actual cowboy himself. And, I am speaking from experience here. There is a romanticism about cowboys that I have held since early childhood on the flat dirt plains of west Texas. I went on a cattle drive for a week in Colorado once upon a time, and I felt like I was in a Cormac McCarthy novel (NOT the novel, No Country for Old Men, which you MUST see at the movies, by the way). ...more

Hello, I am new to this whole "blog" thing! But I do have my own Cowboy! All I ...more

Midlife gals views on beauty...

A blog posting from "midlife gals" http://midlifegals.blogspot.com How midlife beauty differs: ...more