Stereotypes Run Wild in NBC's "The New Normal"

When I first heard that NBC was going to air a new series about a gay couple having a baby with a surrogate, I was hopeful. It's been a long time since the controversy surrounding the infamous Ellen episode where she came out (I had to watch this on a satellite dish since I was in Alabama at the time and it was banned)....more
There are a few stereotypes in this show, but I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as you say. ...more

How "The Big Bang Theory" Renewed My Faith in Sitcoms

These days The Big Bang Theory might be referred to as "one of the other Chuck Lorre shows on CBS that never starred Charlie Sheen." But it's got a lot more going for it than that. ...more
Better late than never! Can I just tell you I'm like addicted to "Big Bang Theory" right now? ...more

Mike & Molly Are So Fat! How Fat (and Funny) Are They?

I was a bit nervous when I sat down to watch the premiere of Mike & Molly, the new CBS sitcom about two average folks who fall in love at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Would the show rely on strings of fat jokes or one-note storylines focusing on dieting and eating? Or would it treat us to Roseanne Barr/John Goodman-style characters who are, yes, large, but who have other complexities in their lives? ...more
This show is totally disgusting, there is noting funny about two 400 pound people on a TV show. ...more