Keep it moving all day long

Sometimes when my son and I are doing errands on the weekend, he complains that he is tired and needs to sit. I ask him why - especially if he has only been standing for a few minutes - but then I remember that he is in school now and he has become used to sitting all day....more

If Sitting Is The New Smoking, I'm Lightin' Up Again

I used to smoke a long time ago. I may still; I'm not really sure. I know I am eating more fiber and broccoli, drinking eight glasses of water a day, taking all my supplements, getting seven to eight hours of sleep, meditating at least twenty minutes, lifting weights, stretching, doing cardio, keeping my brain sharp with games that I really suck at, expressing gratitude, not lying to the government, connecting with someone everyday, not bullying a seventh-grader, Keeping Up with friends and relatives, being good to myself, and practicing random acts of kindness....more

Sitting Too Much for Work? It Might Kill You

Do you sit all day long in a cubicle? Perhaps in your home office? If you are, it could be killing you. At least that is what some recent studies say. I can remember a few months back seeing a cool infographic about this from a friend on Facebook. Then it seemed wherever I went, there I saw another article or news report about the dangers of sitting. I thought, well, I work out a lot, so it must not apply to me. According to these studies, though, I am totally wrong. ...more
at work, i pretty much sit in my cubicle for hours on end.  its pretty bad. sometimes i dont get ...more

Tip 19: Type Housesitting Instructions for Your Home, Family and Pets

 You will probably have a baby-, house- or pet-sitter sometime during the year. If you have typed-up instructions with all the important phone numbers, addresses, and locations of specific items, you will save yourself lots of time and stress. Having a general document that you can easily edit and print out is a great timesaver. (10-Minute Tidy: 108 Ways to Organize Your Home Quickly; Getting Started, pg. 31) ...more


I went to NYC this weekend for a wedding. For the first time in three years I flew by myself. Now as any parent knows when you travel with a kid, you’re getting the middle seat, like it or not. At least when you sit by the window you can lean against the wall and sleep. If you sit in the aisle, well, pee as often as you like cause it's not like you're bothering anybody, but the middle, by the time you get off the plane you’re not only exhausted from not sleeping but from watching your fluid intake. Not that you really have a choice. ...more