Tea Calling the Kettle Black: My Response to Abercrombie & Fitch

You've all seen and heard about this, right?Abercrombie & Fitch has requested that Mike, "The Situation" Sorrentino, from the emmy-award-winning show, The Jersey Shore, stop wearing their clothing because his association with their brand "could cause significant damage to their image."And they're willing to pay him to stop doing so. See here....more
"A prude...from Old French meaning an honorable woman...is one who is concerned with decorum or ...more

Dancing With the Stars Recap: The Top 9 Get Down in the Round

This week Dancing with the Stars mixed it up...in two ways. #1: They built an elevated, round stage and brought the audience close up all the way around. #2: Supposedly it was "acoustic" night...although they added so many strings I'm not sure it was really noticeable. The dances were the "romantic Rumba" and the "passionate Argentine Tango." And here's how it went down: 1. Kurt and Anna danced a Rumba ...more

Dancing With the Stars Season 11 Season Premiere Recap: So, What's the Situation?

So despite my misgivings about this season of Dancing with the Stars, of course I tuned in last night for the season premiere. ...more

I am excited to watch Jennifer Grey's performance in Dancing with the Stars.

Check this cool ...more