How Big Is a Kid-Sized Food Portion?

Portion sizes for kids are out of control. That's the thought I had last week when over dinner at a restaurant, my friend's 4-year-old was served mac and cheese in a pasta bowl large enough for the Jolly Green Giant. ...more
Rita Arens And I bet she may even teach her friends a thing or two.more

The Untold Mysteries of Women's Clothing Sizes

Clothes sizes, they should be so simple; a number based on the measurements of the clothes, you pick the one that most closely matches your body size and it should more or less fit. However the reality is far more misshapen!As anyone who has tried to buy women's clothes in the last century will tell you sizes seem to vary widely, from shop to shop, style to style and in some cases even the same style in the same shop. It seem to me like it's getting worse with the rise in 'fast fashion' and dubious ethical and quality standards being shunted aside for quick profits....more

Time For Change

I am standing in the middle of Ross Park Mall, fighting the urge to cry. Tonight is a national event, Mom's Nite Out. I should be having fun and smiling, but I am struggling.You all have heard the Abercrombie bull that went down this week. This here blog won't be linking to that mess, because more media is just what the selfish company wants. But I don't buy it that A&F is alone....more

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

It is the age old question. Does size matter? When we hear it, most of us immediately think about penis size. Many men are so hung up on penis size that even in early dating stages will provide commentary on their member....more
All of the responses to the issue of penis size assume that the female is the object of sex; it ...more

The Stigma About Size

Awhile ago I remember a magazine (either Cosmo or Glamour - cos those are the only two I read on a regular basis) published photos of a woman who they said wasn't skinny.But then the following month a lot of reader comments said something along the lines of "How dare you publish this obviously thin woman and act like she's average? I don't look anything like that!!"  Can I be honest? It was upsetting. She was a size twelve. And yet women were saying she wasn't representative of real women.That's ludicrous....more

Fashion Industry, You're Fired.

Both music and fashion reside under an aging idea that they decide what is hot and what isn't. In reality, the big guns in both industries are severely out of touch with changing social climates. Old concepts don't hold true anymore. Runways don't decide beauty in clothes any more than they do in people, and people with normal average sizes have a harder and harder time finding clothes that are flattering/fitting because they are all designed for people considerably smaller....more
I agree with the beginnging of your post regarding problems in finding well fitted clothes. This ...more

Is My Butt Big?

Dear Daughter~Subject:  Does my butt look big?I think body image is the most difficult subject to explain to a young woman, men, and God.  I know this to be true because I've started this letter to you a dozen to the power of ten, times.  Whether you realized it or not, you’ve watched me struggle with the body image issue all the days of your adult life.  First of three points I want to make is that it's not a one-time lesson you'll commit to memory, like learning to make a béchamel sauce; sadly, your obsession with your body is the single greatest person...more

The Big Bra Myth

So this morning I was watching Live With Regis and Kelly, and they did the usual segment on how 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size....more

Thanks for cutting through the crap! But I think it's a stocking problem. There are not enough ...more

Screw These Skinny Jeans!

Do you own skinny jeans? Do you love them? Or do you despise the hell out of the fad as much as I do. For some reason I decided to buy skinny jeans. I know I’m not skinny. I know my legs and hips and thighs don’t naturally fit into a jean/spandex blend very well. But I’m turning 30 and dammit, I still got it!...more