The goths who like to roller skate

When my husband and I were in our 20s, we discovered an all-night skating rink. We both had fond memories of roller skating when we were younger and decided to go. The rink had a familiar feel to it: There was a disco ball in the center, 80s music blaring over the speakers, lots of first-time skaters hanging onto the wall, and the smell of leather and slightly musty air. ...more

Winterlude fun on the Canal and Sculptures

We went scating on the Ottawa Canal and enjoyed Winterlude.  Here is some great pictures of some of the ice sculptures we saw and a little story about the fun we had.  Read more...more

Trying To Stay Busy

Zola and Ajay are off on an adventure for the next two weeks. They left yesterday to spend some time with my parents in PA and I am missing them like crazy. Although, I know that they are having fun because this morning when I called I could barely keep Zola on the phone for more than two seconds and Ajay wouldn't even get on the phone. I heard him in the background "Tell her I love her, but I am busy right now."...more

Hockey runs my show.

Hockey runs my show.All day, every day, for about eight months of the year.Practice. Events. Road trips. Games.Hell, even the off-season is somewhat consumed by hockey.Training. Dryland. Skating. Offers. (All that workout stuff is him, just so we're clear. I mean, who would I be kidding?)But let's talk about games ... game day. My best friend. My BFF....more

Blogging the "Breeze"

Very often I find myself calling friends and acquaintances just to say hi or shoot the breeze.  Today, I am going to try something new.  Sort of like a newsletter that you get at the holidays, but not as cliche’.  I am going to blog my “breeze”. Here’s what’s new and exciting.  Summer is here and I need to keep my child who is on summer vacation busy, while still working and growing other entrepreneurial endeavors, and sticking to my summer budget.  It’s not as easy as it sounds....more

Banning Hip Hop Makes The Place Uncool, And Offensive

The owners told him that at their old skating rink they played hip-hop and there were a lot of unruly behaviors and fights. To avoid that, hip-hop music was banned from the new establishment. They told him he couldn’t play anything with an urban beat. ...more

First time on skates

So yesturday I went ice skating for the first time, I'm pretty good, I only stayed on the rail for the first 5 seconds then I was good, although, I did fall once but I did alright.  After wards we went sleding (Dawson, Papa, Travis, Taylor and I)  while sleding I landed funny at the bottom and know my lower right side of my back feels absolutly terrible, I don't know how long I can take it.  It's bad. ...more

Kansas City Roller Warriors win 2007 WFTDA National Champoinship

Underdog KCRW All Stars narrowly defeat the heavily favored Rat City Rollergirls 89-85. The whole tournament was full of upsets. Day one saw both Gotham and Tuscon defeated then Texas Rollergirls easily blew away Windy City while Rat City made people sitting near me ask how Detroit made it this far. First bout of today Texas Rollergirls lost to Rat City then went on to easily shut down Carolina for third place and now RAT CITY lost to KANSAS CITY! No one was expecting this! Congratulations to the awesome skaters from Kansas City for shaking things up in Austin. ...more

There is no roller derby team in this town but some friends of my daughter would like to start a ...more