When Baby's Skin Isn't Baby Soft

You've heard the expression "soft as a baby's skin," right? Well, I hate that expression.Before I had children, I expected that my babies would have flawless skin. And, like most mothers, I was surprised when none of my children were born with naturally soft skin....more

I thought I was the only one going through this. I too have a three month old who is going ...more

Winter Skin Tips

Every year around the same time my skin starts to change. I don't seem to notice it until I'm trying to apply makeup and it doesn't quite "sit right" on my face. It's not that this sneaks up on me. It's more that I'm thinking it's always other environmental changes and work becomes so busy in the fall months that it appears that I've not been taking care of my skin....more

I'm going to have to try those! I've seen the tourmaline face mask by Aveda but never tried ...more

How Not To Turn Into An Emery Board This Fall

Ah, fall is finally here.I love fall -- it's so beautiful, especially in New England. What I don't love is that it heralds the starts of indoor heating season, and what that means that my skin is starting to resemble an emery board. Which is never a good thing, but which really stinks when you also have to wear fleece and wool and tights. I can start a fire if I'm not careful.Here are my favorite ways to keep dry skin at bay:1. Moisturize...more

All of my kids develop such dry skin in winter that they have to wear sweats - jeans and ...more

Best Foods For Healthy Skin

Recipe For Life --Healthy skin is an important part of overall health and well-being. After all, your skin is your largest organ and protects everything on the inside! Your skin is exposed to all kinds of pollutants, free radicals and germs every day, so its up to you to take the necessary steps for skin health....more
it always feels good to have a healthy and smooth skin, thanks for the information.more

Beer Soap

Have you ever heard of Beer Soap?  A new boutique called Grandma Gee's just opened up on Shetrades.com and they have soap made out of Beer!  Stop by and check it out when you get a chance.  http://www.shetrades.com/shetrades/productlisting.php...more

Skin Care Favorites

    I know it’s only the middle of autumn but I’m already feeling the effects of the chilly weather on my skin. My arms are feeling a little itchy and dry and my elbows – well, I’m having a hard time seeing them,  but they feel kind of rough. My feet are another issue and now is the time to head off future problems involving cracked heels and flaky skin. ...more

Moisturizing for Eczema and Dry Skin Defense

Eczema is not pretty. It's painful and itchy and looks it. It's often described as a bad case of dry skin, but it's not quite that simple. Eczema is basically a reccuring rash, often afflicting the same areas of the body again and again - the neck, the inside and/or outside of the elbows and knees, the backs of legs and buttocks, etc. etc. When my son had his first eczema flare-up, I had no idea what I was dealing with, and I scurried around trying to relieve what I thought was a diaper rash gone mad....more

Just wanted to tap in on some of your wisdom! I am looking in to bringing a European fabric to ...more

Great skin - genetic or cosmetic?

This is one of those posts I shouldn't write because I know I'm jinxing myself. I will regret it, I'm sure. But here goes...I have great skin.Not that I don't the ocassional wayward breakout or undereye bags, and yes, there was this two-year period where every time I stepped on a plane to LA, I would arrive with a zit so huge between my eyes ("My LA Zit") that my colleagues on the other coast thought it was permanent. Lovely.But otherwise? Great skin. And having officially joined the legions of forty-somethings last month, I'm not complaining....more

I quit 8 years ago (whoo!) but I did smoke on and off for many years before that.

I ...more

Green Masks and Comb Overs: Who Says Being Ugly is Easy? Not Coaches on the Edge!

Laurie: My peanut butter crackers are back! Just when I had resolved myself to the reality that those yummy malt crackers with once-possibly-salmonella-infected peanut butter paste in between were a thing of the past, Wal-Mart’s came through again. And they were on sale to boot (wonder what “to boot” means?)! This morning as I enjoyed my ritualistic two crackers for the first time in many months, I mused about where this established habit had come from? Me, of course but that made my mind jump to that always-nagging question “Why?” ...more

Darkening of skin

has anyone ever suffered from simple insect bites which in turn turned into some darkening of the skin after it starts its healing process? i do. terribly. and coz of that, i always envy those with skin with no insect bites at all or which does get bitten from time to time but doesnt seem to darken? if anyone of you does have a solution to this, please share them with me.  thank you. ...more