Your Eye Cream Probably Needs This or That

Why You Need This or That but not an Eye Cream: ...more

Wart Removal: Home Remedies That Work (Grab the Duct Tape!)

Ah, the dreaded and unsightly wart. They can happen to anyone, at any time. I know that if you go to see an HCP, the will suggest getting it burned off in the office, but there are other options and some things that you can try at home to save yourself the co-pay and the time of getting to the office! Why do we get warts? ...more
Oh, I know, we did it, and like I said, it was successful with one of my son's warts. It was the ...more

Do you have Fordyce Spots?

There are spots that occur on different places of the body, and cause a lot of stress when they are found under your belt.  I get a LOT of questions and pics sent to me with people very concerned that they have various Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), depending on what they have recently performed an internet search on. Some should cause some serious concern and some are benign.  Fordyce spots can occur inside your lips on your oral mucosa, or on the shaft of your penis, or on your labia....more
I have had Fordyce spots for about 10 years and I can say they do not easily go away. Don't try ...more

I confess: i love thermal spring water!

Ahh...  I can just picture myself basking in the warm sun of the French Riviera.  (Correction, under an umbrella.)  It’s so calm.  It’s so serene....more