Sunscreen - My One Absolute Essential

It's the end of August, the sun is beating down upon us and way too many people I know do not put sunscreen on everyday. Not even on days where they know they will be outdoors all day. This fact leaves me totally baffled and not a little frustrated. My grandmother is a skin cancer survivor. She has fair skin, but tanned with abandon in her teens and twenties because that's what people did and nobody knew that it might be hurting them. She has an excuse! We don't! ...more

For my face I use Neutrogena Healthy Defense daily moisturizer, SPF 30. I use lightly tinted ...more

Melanoma Update

I've been getting many requests today for information on Melanoma. Here's an updated link to a post I did on 9/12/08. I hope it helps explain the most dangerous type of skin cancer.   ...more


I have a patient who came to see me with a very dark small mole on her neck. She had it for about 3 weeks, and was worried because she had a family history of Melanoma. Her dad had died from advanced melanoma a few years prior. She was in her early 30's and worked as a nurse. She wanted me to take a look because her doctor wasn't concerned and said it was nothing. For some reason, those words, combined with her family history and how this tiny dark spot had irregular borders gave me chills. ...more

The Best Self Tanners for Your Face

I’m shaking my head this morning. I saw a news story that a gigantic new tanning salon is opening in Seattle, where I live. Aren’t you shocked ...more

Summertime Public Service Announcement

On Friday I saw my dermatologist for my annual skin check. Everything looks good.  I go to the dermatologist every six months or so at this point, with the skin check once a year. For a while I was seeing him every two or three months.  In 2006, I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma - skin cancer - so I take my appointments with the dermatologist very seriously. ...more

Sunscreen 101: Improved Sunblocks and Sunburn Relief

Summer is the time your skin needs extra protection. Even if you are not sunning at the pool, your skin still needs some extra TLC when you wear short sleeves and shorts.  ...more

New Book for Kids and their parents To Be Released

News Release First Sun Safety Book For Children Released This Month A Book On Skin Cancer Prevention Reaching Children Soon PROVO, Utah — Skin cancer prevention is no longer just for adults; young children will now have an opportunity to read how to keep themselves protected. After a two year process, the first children's skin cancer prevention book will be available Oct. 11 to students, teachers and parents everywhere. ...more

"Do-Gooder" Companies Supporting the Fight against Skin Cancer

In most cases, I generally avoid perceived endorsements. As the co-founder of 501 [c] [3] non-profit skin cancer education facility, I want to be doubly sure that our efforts to educate youth and communities about sun safety and skin cancer prevention are done with pure intent. Those of us who are members of The Cancer Crusaders Organization volunteer our time, outside of full-time jobs and grad school, because we are passionate about protecting people from skin cancer. This cause is so near and dear to our hearts. We bleed orange-n-yellow for Skin Cancer Awareness! ...more

Sneak Peak: Skin Sense, a book for children

The Cancer Crusaders Organization is pleased to announce the forthcoming debut of Skin Sense, a book for kids and their families. Written by Lori Glickman, a licensed clinical social worker and mother of three young daughters, Skin Sense is the first children's book (illustrated by a Glickman's 10-year-old daughter) that discusses the importance of lifelong sun safety and includes fun, interactive tips for year-round sun protection. ...more