5 Remedies For Sunburns

No Makeup Makeup: Eyes

In the quest for my optimal “no makeup” look I wanted to address the eye area.Did my due diligence, i.e. beauty blog reading and YouTube watching, and determined the Becca Eye Tint in Baroque was the one for me.I waited patiently for Sephora to restock this mushroom color that I was expecting to offer light crease free coverage and almost a gloss to the eye but I am here today to break some bad news….this product was a no go and got quickly returned. ...more

How to get Festival Ready Skin!

That’s right, music festival season is upon us and next up is COACHELLA-ELLA – ELLA (sorry Rihanna takes over at times)!  Anyway, before maxing our credit cards at the mall and liquor stores, let’s not forget a very important layer – OUR SKIN! As if liquor isn’t enough to dehydrate you, imagine being in the desert with hundreds of partygoers. Dehydration is a HUGE problem at Coachella!...more

The Body Shop's New Wild Argan Oil Collection Is Heavenly!

Prepare to fall in love with The Body Shop's newest collection: Wild Argan Oil Bath and Body Care Range. -PJ Gach ...more

Kickstarting your dream – Why crowd funding sites are a God sent for millions of working moms like me.

It was late in the evening, May 14th 2014, after putting my babies to sleep, I nervously clicked on the “LAUNCH” button and for the first time felt my heart sink and soar at the same time, a weird nervous feeling I am not sure I have ever felt before.  That was the day I launched my kickstarter project at http://kck.st/1iKjuOX, a business idea born out of my personal frustration of not being able to find cute and stylish swimwear styles that also covered the back.  But like many of you reading this, I always thought I don't have the time but more importantly, I don't have the mone...more