WTF Is Dry Brushing

I am kinda loving all the healthy living tools going viral. Dry brushing being one of them that I am beyond obsessed with. Haven't heard of the dry brushing trend?! I've got your back and am here to tell you WTF is dry brushing!...more

My experience with a derma roller!

derma roller from dermaroll...more

How to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines without Botox!

I know that some of my readers are too young to even think of wrinkles- but I promise: the time will come when you start to worry too! lol. Hopefully by then they found a new wonder cream, but I doubt it. Since I am getting fine lines on my forehead I am on the constant hunt on how to fix this I like to share with you some tricks and tips I found out. ...more

Clear Skin for Men and Women

Here at T2B, we truly believe in wonderful skin care treatments and products that keep us looking healthy and glowing. Each day your skin is subject to environmental pollutants, oil, sweat, and make up, that will clog your pores. These factors create unhealthy looking skin which should be addressed. Skin care is so important to us, we have tested out numerous products to find the ultimate cleansing brush for your face. Drum roll please…we present to you, The #1 Best Selling Cleansing Brush, Clarisonic. For Men and Women...more

Top 10 Beauty Resolutions for 2014

Here we are! 2014. New calendar; clean slate; fresh start. New beginnings make me giddy. I love the excitement of writing on the first page of a new journal, or reading the first paragraph of a new book. I even love the newness that each morning brings me, with opportunities do things a little better than I did them the day before. While reflecting on this past year, I was reminded of some victories, and decided to share them with you....more
It's harder than one would think to find a straight out answer to what a daily skincare regimen ...more

DIY Lavender Soap


Beauty isn’t just about looking good, it’s also about feeling healthy and beautiful. There are so many different beauty products out there, especially for women, but if you read the ingredients on the back do you understand the long and complex words? We certainly don’t! Not only are many products filled with chemicals, but they can also cost you a pretty penny. What you may not realize is that in your kitchen there are many items you already have, that you can utilize to maintain your beauty....more

BiON Dramatic Differences Anti-Aging Kit Giveaway

The Christmas season just got a little better! I am very excited to offer this giveaway to you. I will be giving away 3  Dramatic Differences Anti-Aging Kits to 3 lucky Goddesses! This is a $49.00 value!...more

The Best Skin Care Products to Fight Wrinkles and Sun Damage

Often times I am complimented on my skin and am proud to say that at the age of 48 I am often mistaken for my 3 boys older sister. Some of that is genetics, sun avoidance, and living a healthy life style. Much of it has to do with using the correct products on your skin. Products that truly make a difference on your skin....more