A double life, sauce on the side please

My life is a paradox.  I spend most of my time being very focused on trying to fuel my body with life-enriching, healthy foods while trying to transform my post baby (4 of them) body to the rocking little body I'm pretty sure I had in college. ...more

PLAY STYLE - Splendid * J Brand * Juicy Couture * Torn by Ronny Kobo

Splendid Winter Fleece Motorcycle JacketJ Brand 12" Leg in StinsonJuicy Couture Locke Black Vintage Shiny Calf BootTorn by Ronny Kobo Fringe Scarf Find out how to get this look and more on Style Wrap ...more

PLAY STYLE - Juicy Couture * J Brand * Marc by Marc Jacobs * Eugenia Kim

Juicy Couture Double Breasted Quilted PufferJ Brand Mid Rise 14" CordJuicy Couture Locke Strap and Buckle BootMarc by Marc Jacobs Sporty Lock Jacquard ToteEugenia Kim Talia Cap with Pom Pom   Find out how to get this look and more on Style Wrap ...more

create your style...

Like photography, fashion has its rules. And like photography, once you learn the rules, go ahead and break them... (but please be guided by the three F's of fashion: flatter, fit & finance) "What is something I like that no one else wears?" Do not follow the trend! Get real... create your own, something that you can proudly put your name on. Why not make yourself your own fashion designer? That'll be so cool! (But don't forget to choose clothes that fit your body type...that's the flatter & fit part of the three F's of fashion.) ...more

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