My Offline Life is Richer Because of My Online Life

Sure, there's a special quality to a face-to-face conversation. No electronic gizmo can replace the intimacy of a hug. You can't dry someone's tears over a cable modem. But there are times when you need to cry without letting the other person know you're weeping, to listen to a confidante without showing that you're shocked, to share a family moment without admitting that you're alone. ...more

Would You Let Someone Babysit Your Child Over Skype?

The New York Time's Motherlode had an article recently about the parenting trend to have someone occupy your child over Skype or FaceTime in order to free you to do other things in the house. Think of it like babysitting from afar. Like really really afar. ...more
Reading is a perfect activity for this.more

Wireless Video Monitor for Skype with Skycam

 Skycam is in the process of raising orders for a brand new idea that we thought was pretty cool.  It is attempting to be the first company to develop a wireless video monitor that uses Skype. ...more

Using Social Media to Stay Close During the Holidays

Christmas is a time when people get together. Families gather for dinners, offices socialize with parties, and friends catch up during the holiday break. But what do you do when you don't live near the people you love? When your friends are scattered across the country? When you can only visit one side of the family? Or when you can't afford to travel at all? You use social media. Emphasis on the social. ...more

My Niece Molly’s Simply Delicious Sesame Ginger Chicken with Avocado, Mini Chef in Training!

Have you discovered Skype yet? I am familiar with video conferencing and have utilized the technology in the business world, however it wasn’t until several months ago that I created a Skype account and began “skyping” with my sissy Debbie and niece Molly.Debbie and Molly live in the Pacific Northwest and I live in the Southeast, which places me three hours ahead of them. I can’t tell you why we just signed up but we are now up and running on Skype, we love it! ...more
Re Skype: I'm just not quite ready to be seen in front of my computer! :-) Both my (grown) ...more

Excuses to Party

Blog Directory...more

Face to Face

Do you Skype?  Skype is a FREE web based service allowing you to speak face to face with friends and family via webcam.  Did you catch the FREE part?  They also offer pay services, but so far I've had a great time just using the free service.Calling computer to computer, you can actually see the facial expressions of the person you're speaking to.  How often has an email been misconstrued?  When someone thought a joke was serious and took offense?  This eliminates that and lets you see the faces of your loved ones....more

Our Virtual Team Toolbox

Everyone does virtual differently. Having worked in bricks-and-mortar previously, setting up a virtual work system as been something of a mix of experimentation with solutions recommended by others. Here are some of the ways we manage as a virtual company. ...more
We use Features pretty extensively. Really helps to keep the changes in sync between the dev, ...more

Facebook’s Relationship With Skype…

Breaking news – Facebook announced that it has an official relationship with Skype. This means that if you are on Facebook, you can chat with any of your online friends, but your friends need to be logged onto Facebook....more

Skyping into the Seder: When Technology and Holidays Meet

Jack and Estelle and their family unofficially "adopted" me about 30 years ago, and we have became family. I have participated in almost every Passover seder with their family since then. These have largely been in NYC. This year (for a variety of reasons) I am unable to join them all at their son Daniel and his wife Leora's home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I put on a brave face, but my heart was hurting. ...more

So for two nights we did it! I loved it. It worked perfectly -- I could see everyone -- and ...more