Sign of the Times

Two things have got me thinking about how disconnected we are as a society despite how “connected” we are. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, Skpye, iPad, iPods, texts, blackberries, iPhones, email the list goes on....more

The Week That Never Happened...

Sometimes things work out how you plan... and then sometimes- they just- don't.Like my GPS, my skype with Jeff Corwin, and my meet & greet with Elmo. ((sigh))...more

How to Ace a Job Interview via Webcam

Say the words job interview and most people are intimidated enough.  Yet now there is a new variable to add to the mix for your interview preparation. Because of the sheer number of applicants these days coupled with the high cost of travel, more and more recruiters and companies are using webcams to conduct video interviews with job candidates. This can be new and uncharted territory for many (I know it would be for me!). So, how do you set yourself up to succeed in this new world of Job Interview 2.0? ...more
@Matt Chapman  Great advice Matt.  I have my first web cam interview tomorrow morning, also ...more

Productivity and design Mac apps I use every week (or thereabouts) ... and apps I don't

It's pretty safe to say I spend 12 hours or so a day on my Mac — or a Mac. So I thought I'd document, if not the what of the check I'm doing, then the how. Here they are. I tried to break them down by category, because nobody can really use a laundry list of 20 or 50 or 100 things presented in a blog post, just laid out there as if it were helpful. Excuse me for a side rant: ...more

Thanks for sharing all those links & apps. I've used some, but not all.

I've used ...more

Please don't look at the children

Lenore Skenazy has been stirring up the parenting world with her book Free-Range Kids and blog of the same name for quite a while, now -- I first wrote about her about eighteen months ago, when she allowed her nine-year-old to ride the subway alone. ...more

Any sort of footage of the kids (video or still) had to be approved, in writing, by every ...more

Keeping Up With Old Friends While Attending a New Church: Big Ideas and Practical Methods

Reposted from   This is a response to my friend Tara’s recent post on her blog, Considerable Grace. (Click here to read.) I started to reply in the comments, but I realized it was a post in-and-of-itself The question was, ...more

Awwwww Quit Your Skypen YaYa

So whatcha waitin on YaYa? ...more

Come Up and Skype Me Sometime

Hey, this Skype thing is really cool!!! ...more

Ides of August? Skype Down, Schwab Down, Sifry Out, Furrier Out, Facebook Shuffles

Dave Sifry announced his resignation from Technorati today. John Furrier at PodTech.announced that James McCormick would be the new CEO. ...more

To kp above:

links do drop off/out of your accumulated links on Technorati. The difference ...more