Community-Minded, Liberal Parents Don't Homeschool? Part 2

(My continued rant about Dana Goldstein’s Slate article, “Liberals, Don’t Homeschool Your Kids: Why Teaching Children at Home Violates Progressive Values”)...more
 @mompaisley Ha - that sounds about right.  Night and day, you and me, politically anyway.  ;) ...more

Community-Minded, Liberal Parents Don't Homeschool?

Dana Goldstein’s Slate article contending that homeschooling is antithetical to progressive social values has hit a nerve. Goldstein’s thesis is this: Truly community-minded, liberal, progressive parents enroll their children in public school, become involved in the PTO and/or school board, and work to make things better. I used to see her point. I have come to understand that no amount of money or parent involvement is going to make public education anything other than what it is: too big and dysfunctional to be fixed....more
One reason we originally planned to homeschool was our concern that the schools available to us ...more

Winter Is Lingering

It has been so very cold lately here in North Dakota. You hope that one of these days that it will be warm or at least be above zero and lately, that has been rare. It amazes me what a person is able to become used to. If you are exposed to something long enough, you are able to habituate, or get used to it. I am afraid that I have gotten used to the cold which I like to pretend just makes me an all around tougher person. I believe that those of us that can endure a North Dakota winter are able to endure anything that our lives throw at us....more

Mommy Week in Review: baby fever at 6 mos., judging moms of boys, non-competitive momblogging

I have a baby, I want a baby! I have serious baby fever and it’s completely irrational. I crave baby deliciousness 24-7, as if I didn't have enough (I do; he's 100% delicious). I want to be pregnant; I have a seven month old.  I hated being pregnant. I remember, when I had a wailing newborn, my mother in law warned me that at around six months, I’d want another baby. I laughed and said I wasn’t so sure I even wanted the one I had, much less another one. ...more

THANK YOU for your terrific comments. I'm so honored that you've enjoyed it. It's nice to ...more

Freedom's Just Another Word For Controlling Your Ovaries, Inside Or Out

So here's a question that almost certainly falls into the category of Soliciting Too Much Information: what kind of birth control do you use? More specifically, what kind of birth control do you use if you're a woman of a certain age - a woman, say, who is probably mostly she thinks done having children - and doesn't want to return to the pill? ...more

Woohoo FireDad! We talked about a vasectomy, but we weren't 100% sure we were done. 5 years ...more

Things I liked this week

Jokes that objectify women, by Matsu at mediagirl. ...more