New study shows naps can boost brain power (especially memory)

I'm a huge fan of naps and now I have another excuse to take them....more

Step Sing anyone?

Alright, so who knows anything about Samford University's Step Sing CHAOS??...more

Last Night... I had a dream...


Experiments in baby assault courses


10 Ways to Add More Meaning to Your Days

I can talk all about 10 ways to be more productive, find more time in your day, boost your bottom line, or simply get more and they would give you benefit. Yet as I was thinking about which "10" I wanted to write about today, I decided to get to the meat of the matter and talk about 10 ways you could add more meaning to your days. That means more meaning in your business or professional life and more meaning in general.  ...more

I'm a 30 yr old working mom who is caught in between providing for my family and ...more

Relationship Resolutions: Figuring Out My Top Three Dating Priorities

It's still difficult for me to imagine being in a new relationship. It's not even three months since the break-up, and I'm just beginning to truly look more forward than back. But, I know time marches on and you never know what's going to happen, really, so it's good to be prepared. And I'm ready for some change. ...more

Oh Liz!  You're in Los Angeles.  Say no more.  I hear you loud and clear. ...more

Why Mornings Matter: How Waking Up Early Revived My Mindset

How do you start your day? We all have different methods that fit our lives best. Some start with a bang: out of bed, out the door...hustle, hustle, hustle. Others need time, coffee, and calm to ease into the routine of another 24 hours. ...more

Waking Up Early : A Small Habit Change With Big Results

View From My Driveway : Mt. IwakiOriginally posted at http://sarahjoyalbrecht.comI have always been a night owl. Just ask my parents....more

Winter Hibernation

I was skimming the internet today, as I often do in the mornings, and I came across this post from women's health guru Alex Jamieson (some of you might remember her as Morgan Spurlock's vegan chef girlfriend from Supersize Me). I've followed her ever since I saw the film, because I think she's an amazing woman with a compelling message. This week, she talked about hibernation....more

Women + Hotel Rooms = Sleep; Not Always!