Self-Care and Sleep: Fact or Fiction?

Every article you see about self-care for bipolar disorder will tell you, Get enough rest or Get enough sleep.Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.  – Thomas DekkerBut what did Thomas Dekker know? For many of us, proper, beneficial sleeping is easier said than done.Even with my prescribed Ambien and Ativan, I've done the wide-awake-at-3:00-don't-get-to-sleep-till-5:30 thing. And the unsettled-from-nightmares-afraid-to-go-to-sleep thing. (Also the just-one-more-chapter thing, but that's my own fault.)...more

The Natural Way To Fall Asleep, Backed By Science

Falling asleep is never easy. It should be easy, but for most of us, insomnia is right around the pillow corner, waiting to torment us each night. About one third of the entire population of US suffers from this sleep issue, which is more common in women. If your dear husband is snoring loudly while you struggle to fall asleep, in order to get at least couple of hours of sleep. Lack of sleep leads to a lot of serious health problems, from memory impairment to weight gain and an acute lack of sense of humor, so you definitely try to go beyond the regular advice....more

New Skills Can Disrupt Your Baby's Sleep: 5 Tips for Parents

It’s so exciting to watch your baby grow, to see her gain mobility and strength, to witness day-by-day the acquisition of new skills. We hold our breath, cameras poised to capture it all on film because those firsts are so wonderfully miraculous to watch....more

Keeping it Positive: Why Using Naps as a Punishment Will Come Back to Bite You

Routinely using sleep or a nap as punishment or framing it in a negative light will only teach your young child that sleep is a bad thing. Hopefully, that’s the last thing you want! ...more

Helping Children Sleep When Parents Split Up

I’ve just finished working with recently separated parents of a two-year old little boy and asked them for permission to use their story as inspiration for my blog this week. I’ve changed their names and the name of their son at their request.*****...more

The Far-Reaching Damage of Sleep-Debt

Being in debt is one thing. A loan you have to pay off, a favor done for you by a friend -- the path from Point A to Point B is usually pretty clear. However, being in sleep-debt doesn’t have such a clear solution, especially when there are babies or small children in the house. Terrible sleep begets terrible sleep, but the opposite is true too: Great sleep begets more great sleep. So that means, once you are sleep rich you will only get richer! ...more