10 Reasons You Don't Actually Need a Good Night's Sleep

You know what I love about sleep? Nothing, really, because I can't remember what it feels like. I haven't had a solid night's sleep since my son was born. Well, actually, since I was 8 months pregnant and the constant interruptions from my bladder were like a cruel foreshadowing of what was to come....more

The Sleep Deprivation Ping Pong

A new parenting low.  I take momentary solace in my ability to detach myself from this insanity by conjuring up some words for my next post, the Mourning Sleep one I’ve been trying to grow from the infertile soil that is my sleep deprived brain. Rock bottom, I tell myself. From an aerial view it would probably look almost caricature-esque. Half of my body is inside One Year Old’s crib....more

Just a Quick Post - See You in the Morning

Well, today’s “more and less” is definitely going to be doing “more” than ought to be expected of the human body with “less” than a human amount of sleep… after getting up at 4 pm yesterday and then working a 12 hour shift last night, I had a difficult day in town with no real chance to nap.So, at this point, I have been up for 30 hours straight, driven home 60 miles in ice and snow… and will be far more coherent and useful to you guys in the morning!...more

Confession: I yell at inanimate objects when they prevent me from sleeping.

If you could see me right now, you would know right away that I’m a little sleep deprived. It appears that the hamster has made a friend – and together they had a good ol’ time keeping me awake last night.So who IS this friend, you ask?It’s the ogre that lives in my basement, also known as the sum pump....more

How to Survive a Newborn

I don't usually give advice, especially if nobody asked for one. I have read somewhere that advice is the lowest form of conversation. Yet I am going to make an exception this time. This is something I have come to realize just a few days ago and now I find myself repeating it to myself again and again, because it works.  ...more

Is it worth the sleep dept?

In the movie About a Boy, Hugh Grant's character, Will, has a line where he summaries how he divides his day into units of time....more

How This Mom Got Off Sleeping Pills

It was so insidious.  I needed to get some precious rest when my babies were asleep at night, but my sleep pattern had gotten so disturbed during my seasons with newborns that I could no longer fall asleep on my own. So, how harmful is a little Tylenol PM, right?...more

Sleep Deprivation and Its Consequences

Before I begin this post, I just want you to rest assured that my kids are still breathing and somehow managed to make it through infancy with a Panda Mom like me. It's amazing that I also made it alive through the long, tortuous period of sleep deprivation. How do other parents do it?...more

Maslow Got It Wrong: The Real (Mommy) Hierarchy of Needs

I first heard of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory in health class my sophomore year of high school. My teacher was a stout, burly man with one of those hard stomach's like the base of a kettle drum. He was also the wrestling coach and walked with a crooked, bow-legged, wrestler's limp up and down the aisles peering over your shoulder during tests. His style of instruction was intimidating and declarative as in, "You can still get pregnant even if the girl is currently menstruating, don't you know kids?!" Then he sneered at you with a knowing look while you fidgeted in your plastic chair. Informative, but also slightly traumatizing....more
love this- and SO true!more