The Challenges of a Large Family Don't Outweigh the Joys

Someone very dear to me, who has only one child and is currently debating whether or not to have a second, asked me recently why I decided to have such a big family. It was a question that caught me a bit off guard and we were in the middle of a crowd, so it wasn't the ideal time or place for a serious discussion. I told her that I've always wanted a big family, that I love being busy and surrounded by people I love. While this is true, it's not the complete answer, and as my mind went back to that conversation we had, I decided that I needed to elaborate....more
Answers to rude questions people ask large families was posted Feb 23rd 2012 you can read this ...more

Alarm Clocks and Heart Attacks: Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays

Voldemort, the Joker, the Decepticons. We've had some decent villains in our time. But no villain is as persistent and reviled as the one that sits right next to our beds: the alarm clock. Oh, that wicked little instrument of cruel and unusual torture. There is no escaping it. No matter how hard or how often we slam that snooze button, the dreaded sound is back again the following morning. And then the morning after that. And the one after that. Is that dramatic? Why else do you suppose so many heart attacks happen on Monday mornings? ...more
The final link is the same as the third link, i.e., ...more

NaBloPoMo Day 17: Lyings and Tigers and Bares

This is an excerpt from NaBloPoMo Day 17: Lyings and Tigers and Bares:...more

Sleep Deprived

I was SO tired, I...1. Poured my milk on my pasta instead of in my cup2. Balanced the hot frying pan on my chest3. Drank a full mug of coffee, before realizing it was just hot water and not coffee at all.Those first two examples were stolen from my friends' Facebook pages.  One person is a nursing student working and studying all sorts of crazy hours.  The other is an already established mom, with a newborn.  The third one was my own doing....more

Ornery Cat Love

I skinned my knee last night tackling my cat at about 4:30am. But the good news is, I caught her and was able to successfully sequester her in the back bathroom....more

My Mythical Mom Team

When you have kids, you are wholly in touch with the concept of sleep deprivation. Being awake when the world around you is asleep does odd things to your brain. Your mind wanders in weird ways that it otherwise might not. Case in point, last night at 3:00am after I had been awake with the babies for an hour and a half, I started to wonder if we assembled a team of moms to play a sport, what kind of moms would be the best to have on this moms-only team. Who knows why – probably because I know a lot of them – but my first thoughts went to moms who have kids with food allergies....more

Today I Couldn't Do It

You spring from bed in the morning, awake, bright-eyed and ready to go. My eyelids feel like sandpaper. A glance between half-open eyes reveals the clock: 6:12 a.m. I roll over and wonder how long I can put you off, but I know it’s coming.“Let’s go downstairs!”...more

All work and no sleep makes Jaime a,a, zzz. . .

Ok so what do you do when you think your job is making you fat?...more

Dazed and Confused

Hi, still alive and kicking, even though it's been a while since I last posted on this site. I do have a good excuse for my prolonged absence from the cyberworld - a self-imposed writing ban....more

How to Push Your Mom's Buttons: A Toddler's Manual

Step 1.  Wake up several times during the night, then take an extra long nap, so you are rested and your mom is not. (Note: Skipping this step will dramatically reduce desired results.) Step 2.  Employ any or all of the following techniques: a. Repeat the same request 700 times after your mom has explained why it’s not possible or must wait.  Example: While in the car and you say you are thirsty and need a glass of milk.  Mom says, “Ok, honey, we’re almost home and then I...more