What Is It? Get the Facts about this Sleep Disorder

Narcolepsy is classified medically as being a disorder than can promote extreme daytime sleepiness. It can also be the catalyst for causing muscle weakness, as well, in addition. It is a neurological disorder that can affect the control of both sleep and wakefulness equally. Does manage to remain undiagnosed, and cannot be treated if it hasn't been discovered through its most common of symptoms that it does create on the average for those who suffer with this malady....more

I Don't Need Your Advice About My Toddler's Sleep Issues

Can I tell you a secret? Other moms piss me off. So I’ve decided to turn my FaceBook freak-outs frustration into a handy, informative blog post. For all y’all who have some advice to give. Yes, this is a community. Yes, your feedback is welcome. Yes, I am a huge proponent of everyone learning from each other. With one small caveat. Before you speak, please say the following words to yourself: I AM NOT A PARENTING GENIUS. (Go ahead. Try it. I’ll wait.)...more
@SublimeDream But wouldnt you think that she HAS TRIED EVVERYTHING?  Just because you post ...more