2014 Natural Sleep Aids - Series 7 Health

The cool side of the pillow doesn’t do the trick. You toss and turn. Your brain won’t power down for the night. You give up and get up, perhaps to avoid depriving your spouse of sleep, too....more

Munchkin's sleep disorder finally has a name

After many, many, many, many  sleepless nights, my munchkin's sleep disorder finally has a name. Unfortunately, his sleep disorder also comes with a second diagnosis (on top of his autism) that we will have to have nailed down as well before we will finally see some results. I'm sure you've all heard of the one parent that complains that their infant never  slept through the night, waking more frequently than you ever thought could be humanly possible, living on so little sleep that you thought they, (and you), would die of exhaustion. ...more
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What You Don't Know About Night Terrors Could Scare The Heck Out of You

He shoots up with panic in his eyes, and asks me desperately "Mama what?" My son has night terrors. He's had night terrors ever since he was very little. My son has a lot of things that don't fit into a nice little tiny box wrapped up with a bow. ...more
When my kids were little and had nightfrights it helped that I purchased some kids meditation ...more

Want To Lose Weight, Feel Great And Look Hot? SLEEP!

 Are you sleeping well?Do you wake up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to take on the day?If you AREN’T, you need to watch this video. If you ARE, you need to SHARE this video with the estimated 50% of the North American population that is not!Check out these great tips to help improve the quality of your sleep!  ...more