Train Your Child to Sleep at NIGHT!

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Sleepy Time: Getting Your Baby to Go to Sleep

What were you doing at 12 pm and 3 am last night? If you have an infant at home, chances are you weren’t sleeping. It’s more likely you were doing the zombie walk to your baby’s room, fantasizing about your warm bed, and planning your morning pot of coffee. If you’re me, you were frantically Googling “sleep training” at 3 am. ...more
Some things we have found helpful (and I am NO expert, and of course every baby is different) is ...more

Newborn Sleep: Facts and Fiction

Becoming a new mom can take you by surprise! The adjustment to a new way of life can fill you with love, joy, and -- let’s face it -- a level of fatigue you never knew existed. Every new parent is given advice (wanted or not) about how to get her baby to sleep, and you may wonder which tip is the "best one" that will work for your baby. The truth is there is no single strategy that will work for every baby when it comes to sleep. The key is to give yourself a break, find a groove that works for you and your baby, and work on sleep in "baby" steps. ...more