Sleep Teaching Methods Part 1: Get Ready, Get Set...

One of the most important decisions you will make in regards to your child’s sleep is which method you will use when teaching her healthy sleep skills. Before you begin with any method, it is essential that you have some other aspects of your child’s foundation around sleep in place as well as some other assurances to optimize success:...more

In Hopes of Alone Time

It's 5 am when the alarm clock rings. I grab my phone and stare at the alarm, hoping that the light and sound will help wake me. Begrudgingly, I make my way to the bathroom. There is serious work to be done, and I need to prepare myself. I look into the mirror and repeat: You can do this. Then with more force: You've got this. And with even more force: You. Are. Mom....more

Crying It Out | Why We Aren't Doing It

I was recently browsing some popular baby forums, and happened to come across a post by a mom who was 'sleep-training' her 4 month old using the 'cry it out' (CIO) method. This mother was using a variation of Ferber sleep training....more
nikonMom Thanks so much for sharing your kids' sleep stories! I totally agree with you, you have ...more

The Lucky Socks Method of Getting Baby to Sleep

 For those parents of babies who are not good sleepers, you have probably driven yourself bonkers trying to find some lucky trick to getting them to sleep.  Major League ball players have superstitions and lucky socks to bring on wins, as a parent you know you would wear your lucky socks to bed every night if it could make your baby sleep. I do not have any Lucky Socks, but I had months and months of trying to figure out if there was any little thing that would create a full night of sleep. ...more

Why your baby isn't sleeping

The short answer: Because your baby isn't tired. "But," you say to me, "He was tired at this time last night and it's been more than four hours since his last nap. He should be tired." He's a baby, not a clock....more

Are You Ready to Sleep Train Your Baby?

There are days when I feel like I got this motherhood thing down. Like, I really got it down. On those days, I feel like nothing can stop me from conquering everything on my to-do list. Laundry? Check. Grading? Check. Lesson plans? Check. Grocery shopping? Check. Do some writing? Check. Dinner cooked? Check. Most importantly, keeping my kid happy and fed? Check and check! ...more

The Sleep Lady Sleep Tips

TLC For Kids, Inc has been St. Louis’ premiere nanny and babysitting agency  for over 25 years.  ...more

How to Fail at Sleep Training - PegCityLovely

I miss my fiancé and I sleep right beside him. It’s been 18 months since I've had some quality sleep and cuddle time with my hubby-to-be.  Well, almost 18 months, that's when we had our beautiful son, J, and yes, he sleeps with us every single night. Ok, so maybe not 18 months, more like just over a year as he was in his bassinet for the first few months....more

Truce, Mamas

I'm Tired of Being a Mom

I was sure that motherhood was going to be so fulfilling. I mean, yeah, I knew it would be hard, but hard in a being-super-brave-through-tough-times-like-Florence-Nightingale sort of way, not hard in a grinding, miserable, I-hate-my-life way. Surely I would come out of those long, desperate, sleepless nights glowing with motherly love, just happy to have been able to offer my screaming child even a modicum of comfort. Surely I would be happy to sacrifice any and everything for my kid. Surely I would never, ever resent him....more
This is an incredibly honest, beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this side!more