Sending Your Kids to Camp Can Help You Grow Up -- As a Parent

Our family just returned from a week-long camp at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center in Northern California. This is our 11th year of what has become our family tradition. When we arrived at Mt. Hermon for the very first time, our kids were only ages 4- and almost 2-years-old. We were all at Main Camp together in one cabin, sharing two beds amongst the four of us. We ate every meal together and played ping pong until late at night. We swam at the pool and hung out at the Fountain for ice cream and snacks with new friends. Except for the times when the kids went off to their own camp programs, we were constantly together and built memories as a family. ...more

10 Ways to Find the Right Camp

If you're a nervous mom like me, the idea of sending my child to sleepaway was daunting. Here are my top 10 tips to finding the right camp.1. Talk to everyone! And I mean everyone. Talk to the camp director before you go to visit and ask all your questions. No question should be too silly. If you don't like the director, don't visit the camp....more
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