Have a toddler with a busy social calendar of birthday parties? Here are some gift ideas!

 When kiddos reach toddlerhood it seems the amount of birthday parties they are invited to steadily increases ( and I know this is just the beginning).  I don't know about you, but I usually struggle to find the right gift, and often find myself in our local toy store waiting for the perfect idea to hit me (with my own toddlers in tow)....more


Tired. Exhausted. Worn out.That is me! I’m all those things and more. All I want is a nap, but the nap won’t happen. Toddler #1, Ginny, is on a nap strike this week. She goes in her room and plays the whole time. This afternoon, when I went to let her out, I discovered she had rearranged her furniture (i.e., moved her bed). Not only that, she removed her diaper for the first time. I’ll admit to being a bit panicky because she usually has a dirty diaper after a nap. Thank goodness that ended up not being an issue. Phew! ...more