5 Easy ways to sleep better and faster.

There are many people having trouble while falling asleep at night and reality is that there are many tips and advice that can actually make you sleep better. As we know, the lack of quality sleep can really affect our mood, health, and body, and you might have tried different ways until, but here are 5 useful and easy tips you should consider if you want to improve your sleeping time and start feeling better:...more

Sleeping Baby - UPDATE

Thought I would update you since the previous post. (See Nablopomo day 18 Sleeping Baby)Well she did it. She stuck it out the whole night in her own bedroom for the first time. I have never been so proud of my little girl.After waiting around till 1 am to see if she would walk out of her room in protest, I succumbed to sleep....more

Sleeping Baby

My little girl is sleeping in her very own bedroom for the first time tonight. She is four years old. Some of you may be thinking, well it’s about time! some of you still are like me and transitioning. While pregnant with her I had very clear plans of how I was going to raise my child and like many first time mother’s they all went out the window, baby with the bathwater (ok maybe not the baby). First thing on my list was to sleep train....more

4 Simple, Yet Powerful Tips To Improve Your Sleep

Your alarm clock says its 5 am and you’re awake. Nope, you are not a morning person; you just couldn’t fall asleep that night. Insomnia has been my nasty companion for a year right after college. What I learned during that time is that good sleep is more under control that you may think.  We can program our mind and body to slow down in the evenings and fall asleep in a few minutes after your head touches the pillow. Here are four tips that helped me solved my sleeping problems:...more
grammietime2 Thanks! Cold therapy is something that helps me to reduce stress in the evening and ...more

Please Go To Sleep!


Five Signs You've Mastered Mom Stealth Mode

1. You take a full 60 seconds to simply close your baby's bedroom door while keeping the latch pulled as tight as possible, knowing that even the slightest click of metal on metal could wake the baby and nullify the entire 45 minutes of rocking and bouncing you just endured to put this screaming baby to sleep. ...more

Thankful Thursday: A Successful Sleeping Routine

I cannot be the only one…who was shocked when my child moved past infancy and was still not sleeping through the night.  This is something that no one warns you about when you're pregnant, most likely because they don’t want you to jump off a bridge by overwhelming you with the REAL truths about motherhood, but when the Sonny Boy continued to wake us way past three years of age, I figured I would have a lifetime of exhaustion to look forward to....more

Operation Lose the Pacifier: Is There Really a Winner in this War?

Have you ever known an addict who just begged you for another hit of whatever they’re into, and they cry and whine and plead and promise things and you just get really worn out from being a sober companion? Do you seriously consider giving in so you can get one freaking evening to yourself without all the crying and calling and yelling already? Congratulations. You know what it’s like to break a three-year-old of his precious pacifier....more
Just loving all the conversation here, ladies! Thanks for reading and commenting!more

The Sound Of Silence

Let's just say that this past week had many many sleep time frustrations. I spent more than one day chunking things out of Lil Man's room into the hall so he couldn't get into it at naptime. Then after the nap that didn't happen, I would have to put everything back into his room.Finally, enough was enough. This weekend Hubby wired Lil Man's closet door shut so that he couldn't get into it during nap time. And Saturday I hauled a huge cabinet out of there. This momma had reached her limit!...more

Sleeping Dogs. What Do They Dream About?

I could be perfectly happy just sitting and watching my dogs all day long. I especially love to watch them sleep.  So when my friend, Yvonne sent this video to me, I just had to share.  It also reminded me of an article I wrote a few years ago about Kylie as a pup, watching her as she was dreaming, which I share below.  Hope you enjoy both.Sleeping Dogs VideoThe Dance of a Dogs Dreams...more