This could be why you have trouble sleeping.

A doctor's manual from 16th Century France advised couples that the best time to conceive was not at the end of a long day's labor but after the first sleep, when they have more enjoyment.But, what's this all about? What first sleep?...more
I actually heard about this usual fact of sleep history before. Since my husband tends to wake ...more

Heartfelt Sleeping

Don't you hate when people want to tell you about their dreams? ZZZZZZ...Yet, you nod (off), play interested, and give some sort of polite backchannel response like, "Wow; that's crazy!" (even though you tuned out about 15 minutes ago)....more

Sleepus Interruptus


Music to Tame the Savage Beast

 Last night the little man was in prime form.It's funny when you can connect behavior to things you have read - it a reminds me of how normal life really is.  Tonight, he was Max from Where the Wild Things Are; just when Max yelled at his mom "I'll eat you up!".  That was our evening....more

Want To Lose Weight, Feel Great And Look Hot? SLEEP!

 Are you sleeping well?Do you wake up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to take on the day?If you AREN’T, you need to watch this video. If you ARE, you need to SHARE this video with the estimated 50% of the North American population that is not!Check out these great tips to help improve the quality of your sleep!  ...more