Train Your Child to Sleep at NIGHT!

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Parenting Milestones – That Aren’t

Parenting milestones – they are always a hot topic in the parenting set. Is your child talking, walking, potty trained, and so on? When can we expect it to happen? Should we be worried? Should we not be worried?Sometimes these milestones are cause for concern. The book said Johnny would be walking by now. Is something wrong?...more
@SarahKnight These are the things they never tell you about parenthood...sigh. We are about to ...more

A Bedtime Story

It took a long time to be able to get Miss M to go to sleep on her own. As in, she's almost 5 and only now can I say goodnight, give her a kiss, and leave knowing she'll be out in a few minutes. Actually, if I give in and stay to hum or snuggle that's when she stays awake. ...more