To My Daughter

You lie asleep.Eyes closed with lacy lashes pressed to pale skin.Blond curls matted in the sweat of sleep.Lips parted, fingers curled, nose upturned.You once snuck in under cover of dark,But now slip into bed shamelessly,Pulling blankets to your pillow.Your pillow in my bed.It's permanent home....more

A lot to talk about: remodel, no sleep, friends, sexual revolution!?

My latest blog is about our forever remodel and we haven't even started the major one yet.  When will it ever end.  I've also uploaded some recent pics of the progress so far.  I didn't sleep last night or the night before so that is not helping my mood.  I read the latest article in O Magazine about women-women relationships and found it very interesting since it has happened in my circle of friends.  Check out the read.    ...more

The Nightmare of Christmas Past: My Daughter and Her Sleep Issues

I wanted to write about sleep issues for The Crib Sheet, because sleeping, or my daughter's lack of sleeping, has been the bane of my parenting experience. I'm a big sleeper, myself, and so sleep deprivation is my Achille's heel. One of the things I love about blogging is that it creates a snapshot in time that can be referenced at a later date, after memory has softened the experience to a 1980s-senior-photo haze. Therefore, I broke into the Surrender, Dorothy vault to bring you this view into December 22, 2005, when my sleep nightmares were peaking and my daughter was around 18 months old. I write this after sleeping 7 hours straight after one wake-up. It hasn't completely gone away, but it's definitely eased off. So, there's that. ...more

My oldest didn't sleep through the night until he was six years old.  Yes, six years. So, I ...more

Brain vs. Body

The worst part of this broken engagement brouhaha has absolutely nothing to do with weddings or marriage; it’s waking up every morning and going to bed every night alone, alone alone. ...more

Some where with a big dance floor, and cheesy music.  ...more


I had many expectations and fears before I had a child. I was afraid of health issues. I was afraid that he wouldn’t be cute. I was afraid I wouldn’t love him enough. None of those fears came to fruition. ...more

Don't Be Alarmed Or Anything...

I find there are two types of alarm clock users in this world. Those of us who shut the darn thing off and get up when it first rings, and those who do not. ...more

Rule 1: If you plan on having your child sleep  in your bed as a baby; then be prepared to suffer the consequences ...more

Honest and Juicy

Good News And Bad News ...more