My three days that followed the Boston Marathon

Not surprisingly, I was more affected by the Boston bombing than I initially thought....more

Shower therapy at 2:30 am!!  Author of comtemporary childrens' books dealing with realitic and social

My son gets me thinking, and losing sleep.

K’s been so fun this week that I’ve been home, unable to get to work thanks to MetroNorth trains not running for a few days, and then due to a lack of electricity in my office.  I’ve had a forced staycation, which is weird because last Sunday, before receiving news from our office to stay at home until further notice, I brought up the idea of a staycation with my husband.  I’ll have 6 extra vacation days to take before year ends aside from the 5 I’ll take mid-December to visit my 87-year old recently-widowed Godfather.  I am grateful that I’ve been able to be home with him in...more

Half Hers, For Now

Harper, our 21 month old, recently learned how to climb out of her crib and open her bedroom door. The past few nights, she had made sure to put her newfound skills to use. One night, I counted and Harper climbed out of her crib 14 times. I've barely slept the past four nights and I'm exhausted, to say the very least. I'm okay with that, however. I've got a stock of Rockstar Recovery to keep me going throughout the day and I've got a whole lot of love for Harper to keep me from beating/drugging her in the night. ...more

all of it is so true. You've captured it very well.more

To Sleep...or not to Sleep

I knew that I should be expecting to be tired and not to get full night's sleeps, but no matter how much I mentally tried to prepare for this, I am still not ready for this. Tyler has reflux and major gas.  Even though I'm breastfeeding (I thought it was suppose to be easily digested), about 10 minutes after he eats, he starts crying with pain for about 1 hour.  He's not close to be colicky, thank goodness, but it does make for a rough night.  ...more