(SLIDESHOW) The People of BlogHer ’10: Official Photos (Saturday)

Like Friday, Saturday at BlogHer '10 was jam-packed with information, fun, food and -- of course -- bloggers. Bringing to end over a year's worth of work, the conference came to a close in style. ...more

Thank you!! I can see it now. Yay! :)more

(SLIDESHOW) The People of BlogHer ’10: Official Photos (Friday)

BlogHer '10 officially kicked off on Friday morning with a well-received welcome message from Lisa Stone, Elisa Camhort Page and Jory Des Jardins. Add in some sessions, a bunch of women running through New York City in tutus, really good food, lots of talking and meeting new people, laughter, tears and some really amazing art and you have one amazing whirlwind of a day. ...more

How to Share Your BlogHer 10 Photos and Videos

Add Your Photos to BlogHer 10 Slideshows You might have seen some of our slideshows from BlogHer Conferences past and we have plans to create a whole bunch of slideshows for BlogHer 10. We'll have one big slideshow, a slideshow of party attendees, sessions, speakers, expo hall exhibits and more. Here's how you can add your photos to the BlogHer 10 Slideshows: ...more

The point on licensing is very important. If you don't change your license, we can't add it. So ...more