Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken Nachos

I love me some chicken nachos. While I was in college there was a little Mexican joint close to campus that served up the best gooey, cheesy, chicken nachos....more

Origin and Benefits of Slow Cooker

Many of us have been reading, writing, sharing various slow cooker recipes till now. But we seldom get to read about the origin and story behind slow cookers....more

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches

 Posted on February 24, 2015...more

Skinny Slowcooker Spinach Artichoke Dip

  Spinach artichoke dip is one of my favorite guil...more

Easy Cassoulet: A NaBloPoMo How-to

I had it written all down in my little blog planner. Do a how-to post on visiting Maine like a real Mainer. But then I played video games with the husband. Next thing I know it's 5pm on Sunday night and while I have Veteran's Day off, I feel like I'm falling behind on blogging. After more video games and grocery shopping today, I decided to make a cassoulet from one of my Publix recipes....more

Baked Bean and Sausage Stew

Who likes easy dinners? This girl!And what’s easier than tossing some beans, meat, and spices into a crock pot and then walking away? That’s all you need to do for this bean and sausage stew....more

Slow Cooker Chicken

I love this recipe because it’s so easy.  There are so many things I was tempted to add but then I decided I wanted as few ingredients as possible. Because this is being cooked slowly in a moist environment there is leeway for the cooking time.  For a 3 to 4 pound chicken I set the temperature to low and cook it for 8 hours or I set it to high and cook it for 4 hours.  As you can see in the picture, the chicken is so tender it falls apart so plate carefully!

Slow Cooker Carnitas

Carnitas are one of my favorite Mexican foods to make home. Carnitas literally translates to mean "little meats." It's a pretty accurate description of what it ends up being. Little chunks of tender and juicy meat. Traditionally carnitas are the left over pieces of pork that then fried in lard or oil.  ...more

Cuban-Style Shredded Pork Panini

Cuban-Style Shredded Porkmothersapronstrings...more