15 BEST Slow-Cooker Recipes: Part 1

Slow-cookers are the best. Period.Granted, they would be far better if they would also prep the food and do the dishes for you ... but let's get real here - they're the closest thing some of us will ever have to a personal chef.However, nobody wants to pull out the slow-cooker during the summer months.But, now that summer is behind us and fall has made itself at home, the slow-cooker has a place in your kitchen again as our bodies begin to crave heartier foods....more

Vegetable Beef Soup {Slow-Cooker}

http://eggallergycooking.blogspot.com/2014/01/vegetable-beef-soup-slow-c...Vegetable Beef Soup {Slow-Cooker} ...more

Herb Turkey Breast {Slow-cooker}


Ropa Vieja - a Cuban Slow-Cooker Dish

Ropa Vieja is a Slow-Cooker Cuban dish, and you can make this as spicy as you like!See the Recipe!...more

Slow-Cooked Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork

Tender pork with a tangy & sweet mustard-based "Carolina" style BBQ. The South on a bun!See the Recipe!"...more

Slow-Cooker Caribou & Andouille Chili

This chili will warm you up in more ways than one. This is for those that like just a little heat in theirs.I know not everyone has access to caribou meat, and before moving to Alaska, neither did we. You can make this with venison or beef instead.See the Recipe...more

Cold-weather Italian sausage soup

I know, it doesn't sound appetizing, but I assure you it is delicious. This is one standby for reasons including how cheap it is, how quick it is, and how great it tastes. Ingredients1 lb of bulk italian sausage (I prefer spicy but as you prefer, also I prefer turkey for less fat and better texture)2 cans of garbanzo beans1 tbsp of dried fennel2 regular size yukon gold potatoes1/2 regular size yellow onion2 cloves of garlic12 oz beer (I like to use an amber ale)sprinkle of red pepper flakes...more