5 Quick, Easy and Delicious FREEZER Meals

5 Easy, Quick and Yummy FREEZER Meals The last couple of months it has been on my "to do" list to make some freezer meals for some families who I felt needed them. The holidays came, our family was sick and life got busy...and I procrastinated. Then, one of the families, had their babies 1 week earlier then planned and I had wished so much that I had not procrastinated!...more

Crock Pot Osso Bucco with Quinoa

I remember walking down a narrow cobblestone street in Florence, Italy, perusing the menus of the little sidewalk cafes that were just beginning to lay out the tablecloths for dinner service. The light had turned a deeper shade of blue, reflected off the darkening sky, while a warm breeze swept down the lane and kicked up spirals of tiny spring flower petals. I examined each menu carefully, overwhelmed by choices. So many lovely restaurants, so many amazing dishes, so many smiling waiters waving me down and begging me to come inside. "Ciao signora!" They called....more
Since I am a celiac Quinoa has become a staple.more

The Weather Outside is Frightful, Time to Get Out the Crockpot!

It has been freezing cold with snow here since the weekend, I think it was around 6 degrees when I got up this morning! Boo this is way to cold for me. But it is the perfect weather for cooking with your crockpot. There is nothing better than coming home on a cold night to a warm kitchen with a simmering crockpot....more