Crockpot Kielbasa Split Pea Soup

A big bowl of kielbasa split pea soup is the perfect way to end a busy day....more

Spicy Pulled Pork

This is a first on Cooking in Red Socks! I didn’t grow up cooking pork anything (being Jewish will do that for you), but we always ate it outside the house. I mean, really, who doesn’t love bacon? So I ventured into the world of pulled pork. I didn’t want to make barbeque, so I decided on something a little more versatile. This recipe starts with a Mexican inspired rub. Cayenne, paprika, garlic, and onion start a blend of aromatic and slobber-worthy seasonings. The rub is massaged into the pork and submerged in water, sort of like a pork hot tub....more

Simple and Easy Slow Cooker Recipes and Tips for Better Slow Cooking

When it comes to slow cooker cooking, it’s the most laid back style of cooking. Just put the ingredients into the crockpot, then leave them to simmer all day unattended. Once the timer is turned off you have a nice dinner or meal waiting for you. This style of cooking is perfect for People who live alone, students, dads who are busy working and have to take care of the family for a day or two or if you are just lazy to cook. Slow cooker comes handy and act like a warrior each time....more

Spicy Slow Cooker Short Rib Tacos

Spicy Slow Cooker Short Rib Tacos  ...more
They look delicious! I am adding this to my list for next taco night ;)more

Slow Roasted Italian Pork Roast with Rosemary White Beans

This dish is what the Bennett crew calls “pork and beans”.  Most definitely not the traditional pork and beans I grew up on, you know, the kind that is heavily laced with barbeque sauce and lots of smoky bacon.  And although the traditional pork and beans is delicious, this Italian slow roasted pork with rosemary white beans is a lovely and aro...more

Celebrate the Oink!

I had lunch with a friend of mine recently and as I ordered the Pulled Pork Tacos, she told me how she makes Pulled Pork at home all the time.  Intrigued as I think Pulled Pork is Manna from Heaven itself, I asked her how she made it. “A bottle of ...more

Meatless Monday: Spectacular Succotash

I have an extreme love for lima beans.  I love the texture, I love their taste.  I love how big and gorgeous they are!  Thankfully, my boyfriend tolerates them.  So I decided to make a sort of succotash for dinner....more

Can Chicken Soup Relieve Symptoms Of The Common Cold - Was Mom Really Telling Us The Truth?

How many times in your life has someone offered you a comforting bowl of chicken soup to nurse a cold? While my bowl of soup might have come straight out of a red and white can, I can say that I have fond memories of my mom gingerly carrying a bowl of steaming hot chicken noodle soup with a side of Ritz crackers to my “sick couch” – the only time we were permitted to eat in the living room! ...more

Crock Pot Recipes

In today’s busy world, cooking dinner after a long day is something a lot of people don't look forward to. They end up eating unhealthy take out food or they throw something in the microwave just to get dinner over and done with. A great crock pot recipes stash and a crockpot will solve the dinner dilemma. ...more