The Slow Food Movement: Good, Clean and Fair Food

Que-Licious! welcome to my whiskey soaked bbq world.

Hey y'all! Welcome to Que-Licious! I wanted to post this little introduction blog so everyone on BlogHer would know the "new girl on the blog". My name is Stephanie and I am an aspiring "Pit-Mistriss" with an affection for slow smoked boozy food. About two years ago I started documenting my little barbecue journey through my blog Que-Licious on Wordpress....more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: Justine van der Leun of Good. Food. Stories.

Our BlogHer Voice of the Week, Justine van der Leun, guest-blogging on Good. Food. Stories., shares her story of culinary exploration in Italy in a post that takes a unique spin on a theme popularized in novels and memoirs like Eat Pray Love. But unlike other American heroines in expat memoirs who are freed of the constraints of their urban, tortured thinking by abandoning all semblance of their former lives (and inevitably falling in love), Justine's already in love; her decision to move to the Umbrian region of Italy is a matter of course in a deepening relationship. ...more