Why Your Small Blog Has Power in Sponsorships

When just starting out, your blog will just have a few dozen readers. However, this does not mean your blog is too small to work with brands as one might expect....more
Thanks for the information while I try to keep my blog "small" I would like to help community ...more

Kitchen Organization: How to Love & Live in Your Small Kitchen

Happy "Monday Meals"! We hope you had an enjoyable weekend :).  ...more

Small {Five Minute Friday}

Joining Five Minute Fridayto...more

Host a Party Tonight - Just Because You Can

By Tara Riceberg, Guest Contributor – Party Planning & Entertaining Now is THE best time to have friends over to your home, as it has just been deep cleaned for spring!  What? You don’t like to entertain?  Worried that you can’t afford to host a party? You’ve never thrown a bash and have no idea how to do it? NO EXCUSES!  Don’t let laziness, or fear, stop you from entertaining....more

Grand Opening for Mom Audience Marketplace - Buy or Sell Mom-Appealing Products!

I'm very excited to announce the Grand Opening of Mom Audience Marketplace, where you can buy and sell products that appeal to moms.Mom Audience Marketplace narrows down your search whether you're buying or selling. Our mom audience subscribers are looking for mom-appealing products - a great place to sell your wares. And, if you're shopping, we have products that moms want!  If you have a product to sell, you can get double exposure by listing your product on our Mom Audience weekly email, too. It's free!For all the details, go to MomAudience.com....more

The Stash Busting Challenge: Repurpose/ReUse Sewing Tutorials

Another month, another step toward toward Stash Busting! ...more

Nicknames Can Set You Apart & Leave You Behind at the Airport

Nicknames have long been a part of the sports business.  "The Babe", "Say Hey Kid" and "A-Rod" are just a few examples.  Successful small business owners also put nicknames to good use.  For example, online entrepreneur Jeffrey Kim's nickname, "Jippidy" is a part of his personal and professional brand. ...more

Can Twitter Give You an Edge in this Economy?

Twitter, Facebook.....these social media tools are becoming more of a business basic for promoting and marketing a small business.  I am doing more than talking about new media tools to promote and market small business.  I'm using several of these free communication tools to stay connected during the business day. ...more

Student Entrepreneur is a One Man Economic Stimulus Powerhouse for Small Business

In just weeks, college student Cary Silverman will graduate with a degree in marketing, but he probably won’t be looking for a job because he is already at work as the founder of three successful and growing small businesses. ...more

Love to Connect Online & Social Media: But What About Privacy?

I was working on an article last week about unusual marketing in public restrooms.  I posed the question to my Facebook friends asking the most unexpected place they’ve found an ad.  It was an immediate and varied response ...more