Management Tips for Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur, do you get a little confused when people start interviewing you on “business management”? Not surprising, since it’s probably based on the belief that the word “management” is more suited to big business and multinational conglomerates. From one perspective that might be true, but from the perspective that you want your business to grow, thrive and be successful, then it is the wrong approach....more

10 Things to Do Before You Start Your Own Business

So, you're sitting in your cubicle feeling trapped and thinking, "I just want to get the heck outta here and start my own business." That can be a liberating feeling. I've been there. That said, just hating your job is not a strategy, and you really do want to get some things in order -- on the inside (of you) and the outside -- before you make the leap. So, if you only do 10 things before you make the career transition from employee to entrepreneur ... do these. ...more

Midnightbliss -- starting a biz while you have a paycheck is a GREAT time to do so.  I ...more

Experts Call Small Business Stimulus "Good Political Theater"

After reading a variety of blog posts, talking with a Professor of Finance, and the President of the Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota, my reaction to the proposed $30B stimulus for small business loans is sadly: "money, money everywhere, and not a dime to keep." ...more

Welcome Design Junkies

Hello, welcome to Design Box. So this is my first post ... let me take some time to introduce myself....more

Moms who are passionate about new businesses

Hi there fellow mommy bloggers. Who out there has proposed to start their own business in 2010? I am betting more than half of of you! 2010 is a great year to start your own online business.So you're asking. What can I do? There's a lot you can actually do if you put your mind to it. Don't fall for those pathetic schemes "I make $60 hourly online through Google!" That's complete junk and don't fall for those. What I am talking about is really hard work but very rewarding. If you want to start your own business in 2010 here's just a few ideas......more

Blog o sphere: Here We Come

Last year was full of firsts for us; our first babies; our first time entering the workforce as  mothers; our first resignations realizing that motherhood and the corporate world don’t always mix well, or the way you want; and the first time we started a business. It has been a tumultuous time!...more

The President's Policies are Hurting Women. Does He Care?

As we enter a new year, it's time for President Obama to recognize that his policies haven't done our country a whole lot of good. Republican women really bonded together in 2009 to speak out against the liberal policies that threaten to decrease choice and liberty regarding health care, economic policies that hurt small businesses and more....more

CPSIA Update - A Possible Glimmer of Hope for Small Businesses and Crafters Right Before Christmas?

Banning children's books from libraries, trombones from grade school bands, hand-whittled natural wooden trains, and hand-sewn quilts from little old ladies at church fairs: If that all sounds like some sort of Orwellian plot twist, no such luck. These are actual headlines that have appeared in 2009, in response to the CPSIA....more

This crazy law has made 2009 a devastating year for so many. Thank you for bringing it to ...more