Three Ways to Spice up Your Company Blog

Does your company blog need a facelift? Sometimes it's the little things that can really help make a blog shine and stand out from the crowd. Easier than just completely renovating your website (though you are welcome to do that too for a fresh new look!), these three tips are often overlooked when it comes to making the blogging platform a comfortable and user friendly reading experience. Check out my tips on turning your company blog from dull to dazzling!1) Invest in a Paid Stock Image Account...more

When Do You Pay Your Employees?

What’s the best possible type of pay schedule? Do you pay up weekly? Every two weeks? Once a month?! If you’re setting up your first payroll and are wondering when the best time to send out the checks are, here’s some $$ based advice based on personal experience.1.    Bi-Weekly...more

Productivity and Politics – Would Our Government Be More Productive If It Was Run Like A Business?

“A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”.   Abraham Lincoln Our most recent elections are behind us and I have to admit I am very relieved to no longer see the political “ads” cluttering my television.  However, in a very real sense, our political tasks are just beginning. ...more

3 Simple Tips for Acing Your Year-End Review

It’s that time of year again and I don’t mean for the Starbucks holiday cups either: it’s time for everyone’s year-end review! So put on your best blazer and take a good long look at yourself and your Outlook folder and online portfolio of achievements and accomplishments. That’s what year-end reviews are all about: examining your strengths and weaknesses as an employee and working with your higher-up on how to improve upon both for the coming year. Here are three tips to ensure you get the most out of your year-end review: Be prepared:...more

Getting Good At Crazy

If I didn't think I was crazy before my husband and I started our own business... I can be sure I am now. I'll fit right into the insane asylum. I bet it's filled with small business owners rocking back and forth to soothe themselves....more

Vanilla Swirl Cakery

Well here I go! Getting my feet wet writing about life in my world. Such an amazing place it can be...hmmm....and life's quirks I guess.  I've been told by my friends that I have a great sense of humor and see life a little differently. You know, from the lighter side. They love to hear my version of what happened in a situation because I am so animated that it makes the worst thing sound "not so bad". I am a single mother of three incredible children (I know, all parents say that....but mine really are!)....more

Love Your Mess

I had a blast this evening interviewing my friend Allison Nazarian.  Super savvy and successful entrepreneur and author of Love Your Mess, Allison shares with us 4 Ways to “Love Your Mess”.  Check it out and feel the love…  Click here to see my full interview with Allison as she share her journey as an entrepreneur…the good…the bad…and the messy!...more

It's All Been Done Before

By someone else. That means not by you…YET! You’ve got an amazing idea. One so amazing, in fact that you are positive nobody else has come up with it before....more

How Much Are You Worth?

 What is the true cost of handmade items at a show?  I’m not really talking about taking a bead and sticking it on an ear wire. There’s almost no training or skill involved in that.  There’s not much honing of a craft going on there.  Though it does take time to assemble, it’s small and not considered skilled labor....more

Simple Planning Process = Successful Outcome

When I made the decision recently to do a complete re-design of my own website, I quickly realized that I would get better results if I could throttle back on my impulse to dive right in and instead stop to make a plan first. I needed to be clear on exactly what I wanted to accomplish, why I wanted or needed to achieve this goal and how much time and energy I could or should expend....more