Another One Bites The Dust

Recently I found out that one of my favoritesmall business owners who sold natural hair care products has closed their doors...I'm sad to announce that Nyenzo in Raleigh, NC has closed their doors....more

How To Motivate Yourself To Start The Business Of Your Dreams

Being an entrepreneur is a hard and often times terrifying job. It involves taking a good amount or risks (some of which can seem to be complete gambles at the time), and being dilligent and focused on completing a constant workload. When you’re an entrepreneur, you never leave work at home because your work is your passion, making your passion and personal life one and the same....more
Thanks for inspiring and motivating us! I am working on developing my start-up and this article ...more

Loans & Social Media: Efforts to Get Small Business Owners To Spend

If there is one thing retailers want, it's this: seeing small business owners start spending money again. However, consumer confidence is low. Just last week, the consumer confidence index level dropped to its lowest point in three months. So what's a retailer to do? ...more

How Do You Know When It Is Time to Close Your Business?

We have all seen at least a few empty storefronts in our towns or heard of friends or colleagues who have been forced to close their businesses in the last year or so due to economic conditions. Maybe you've spent more than one morning wondering about your business struggles and pondering, "How do I know whether to persevere or quit?" ...more

Yah, it's not always about money. Sometimes people just lose interest in their business or ...more

In Memoriam: Saying Goodbye To Your Business

It was a Friday the Thirteenth. October 13, 1995. Funny, I can't remember the date we decided to start our business. I can't remember any of the details of that day, but I sure remember a lot about Friday, October 13, 1995. Closing a business after more than 15 years. Finding out that the group that agreed to buy the business was literally pulling out of the deal at the 11th hour. Realizing that time had run out and that it was time to surrender to reality. ...more

Glad to hear it's still working for you.  And I know what you mean about the ethical ...more

Small Business Tip: New Social Media Tools & Technology Can Pay off in Profits

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are reaching millions of people with their business brand in 140 characters or less: Twitter!  According to recent research from ...more

How to be Seen as a Recognized Expert

As a small business owner, self-employed person, or freelancer one of the main things you want is to be seen as an expert in your field. Sounds nice and simple, but how do you go about doing that, especially when you are in the start-up phase? Sure you may have walked on water in your previous job but unless you are the former CEO of some huge company, a well-known professional athlete or celebrity, or left your last job with a large client pool in tow, once you hang out your own shingle you need to head back to the basics of getting known. ...more

Thanks Melanie... you sum it up right there. Whether it is a big name reporter or a twitter ...more

The Small Business Tech Tool Box is Growing

New technology tools are helping business owners grow their enterprises online without extensive technical staff.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs running mid-sized businesses are the focus of one technology giant today offering an expanded tech tool package. One of the nation’s best known companies is expanding a popular tech support service for small business. AT&T is extending the AT&T Tech Support 360(SM) first introduced last year to include more small and mid-sized firms. ...more

New Wi-Fi Connections & Options for Busy Business Owners

Keeping in touch with the office is getting easier for busy business owners.  Verizon is moving to expand Internet connection capabilities for millions of Verizon broadband customers by providing them free access to thousands of Wi-Fi connections across the United States. ...more