“My Staff Doesn’t DO Social Media” is Killing Your Social Media Potential

When I discuss how important in-house contribution is for social media marketing with (TOO MANY) small business owners, I hear:“But, my staff doesn’t DO Social Media.”First of all, statistics tell us that’s not true....more

Do You Use Social Media as a Crutch?

As we head full steam into 2013 I can't help but wonder what this year will bring for women entrepreneurs online.  I see great hope and a lot of prosperity.  But I still worry that we may be headed down the wrong road.Women have embraced social media.  We use it for personal use as well as for our businesses.  Our businesses thrive because of the opportunity to reach our clients, customers and readers so quickly and inexpensively.  Social media has opened new horizons for women that they may have never gotten before....more

I kind of don't want you on Pinterest

How do I say this...I don't really trust you. Pinterest is a place to share things with my friends. You know, people. Humans. Other (mostly) women who like to see pretty photos of things we might make, cook, or try with our kids one day....more
I'd actually prefer them on Pinterest over Facebook. I'm a social media marketer, and I even I'm ...more

Where did this come from?

When we were last chatting I was trying to get my social media stuff set up.  I found out through various means that if you are going to try to sell on the internet, you have to make yourself known. Really? So I did the Facebook thing and I put the thumbs up thing on my website, I got the required number of likes and I joined Blogher. I even set up an interview with a woodworking magazine, Woodworkers Journal, to be interviewed for their next issue....more

How Endings Become Beginnings

It starts with a death.  Amazing how the passing of someone that you love dearly takes a part of your being and empties it as quickly as popping a helium-filled balloon.  And you are left with a space within yourself,..a very big space..and you start to fill it..so very quickly with your thoughts, feelings and  emotions, may they be good or bad.   Throughout the next few months I trudged forward, holding on to my memories, clutching onto the remnants of my heart to figure out how to put myself back together correctly.  But I have a belief within my c...more

An Awkward Business Moment or “I’ll Spot You!”

I had breakfast with Lee Bogner of Marden-Kane Inc. and Paul Biederman of Redesign talking about the Social Media Club of Long Island (SMCLI).  I founded the Long Island chapter several months ago and because of the strong board, we have grown tremendously....more