How To Accept A Compliment – Without Complicating It

Most of us are out there in there in the world giving it our all. Looking good, working hard, being a true friend, an attentive parent, a dedicated employee and a contributing member to society takes a lot time and energy. I mean, just drying my hair takes a solid 43 minutes. It’s not easy being me, you know? And wouldn’t it be nice if just once, someone noticed?...more
I just got a lecture about that this week. a LONG lecture. I was told to stop saying "anyone can ...more

Think Twice Before Asking If Someone Has Children

One person's seemingly innocuous attempt at small talk can trigger a tidal wave of emotions and conflicted thoughts as this post, Amid the Silent Sorority, on CurrentMom makes clear.  Among the comments that resulted: ...more

Game Face On!

Thank goodness for doors -- glass doors in particular. They allow me to be a part of the normal office flow but without having to actively participate in the small talk that comes following a holiday weekend. It's like having a window on the world with the mute button on. I can smile and wave from my desk as I get unburied from email -- all without appearing anti-social. ...more