Whalan's Stand Still Parade

 WHALAN’S STAND STILL PARADEWhen a town only has 60 residents, you need to do things a little d...more

12 Perks of Growing Up in a Small Town

One thing that many people don’t know about me, and might not guess, is that I grew up in a small town. Like, really small. The population of the tiny town in Wisconsin where I grew up is approximately 1,000. That’s right. 1,000 people. Though I was born in Milwaukee, I spent ages 5-18 in this crazy small town....more

I Was Born in a Small Town...

Some of my very first memories of what it meant to live in a small town  were my desperate dreams to escape it. I remember feeling so caged in  that at times I could barely breathe. ...more

27 Things You Know If You're From A Small Town

Roundabouts are actually just four-way stops."Traffic" is having to wait an extra second or two to pull out onto a busy street. People don't honk to be rude, they usually just want to say hello....more
I moved from a city to a small town and agree with this too! The things that shock me the most ...more


A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about the culture shock of moving from a huge city to a small town.  That difference was reinforced the other day...in spades!!...more

Culture Shock

Moving after my divorce was an adventure all in itself.  Then there is the culture shock of moving from a city of almost one million to a town of less than 45,000.Every once in a while I'm reminded of just what a difference there is between the two.  Chinese delivery?  Nope...if you want something delivered here, it's pizza.  Period.  Shopping?  Let's just say that there are quite a few stores I miss!! ...more

Oscar Watching In Small Town USA: Fandom At The Mercy Of The Movie Decider

Do you ever feel as though you are moving backward instead of forward?  With all the hoopla leading up to the Oscars telecast this Sunday, backward is exactly what I'm feeling.Let me explain.Image via Shutterstock...more
Hey there, Nancy! Just happened to see this post hanging out at the bottom of another I was ...more

Something Has to Change

The call came the next day. Right around eight thirty, before we climbed into our trucks and went out for the morning.            “Just let the machine pick it up,” Mark told Mom O. from the doorway....more

little pink houses

little pink houses  ...more

Sometimes you don't see what is right in front of your eyes...

The other night we went downtown to get pizza. I have lived in this area almost my entire life. I have seen this downtown area change from the 70s to the 80s to the 90s to today. I have memories of this downtown area that I think may cloud my view. Maybe it was the Christmas lights,maybe it was ...more