In That Other Half of the World

Today is the fall equinox--the day when dark and light are almost equal....more

Block Party

It's small town America. Mayberry was a metropolis by comparison.  We are more like Green Acres, without the talking pig. Three elected members make up the town council.  The town council decides which one of them will be Mayor. That's how I became First Lady of Indiahoma. A post office, a school, a cafe and the Indy Superette, but no police. There are six churches and no bars....more

The General Store, Part I

There is a little store in our little town that I pass on the way to Katie's school. It's one of those places that's been there for a million years; if it ever had a name, it's long since been erased from the building. There are two gas pumps out front, though I've never seen anyone getting gas there. In the summer months, two white plastic chairs sit alongside the pumps, sometimes occupied, sometimes not. Around Christmas, the pumps are festooned with white lights and, one year, cedar garland. I've never gone inside. ...more

The Trouble in Town

It always surprises me how many people live in the towns where they grew up. I'm kinda jealous. Just kinda. I am a Yankee Gone South. I was born in Anchorage, grew up in Ohio, and have lived in TN for about 20 years now. I belong here. I am home. ...more

Poor Santa

The 2nd of several posts about poor Santa the rest is at under Dec 2009 ...more

What the He!!?

This is one of my first posts.  It was from last year.  the rest of the story is at December of 2009...more

America's beauty shines at soldier's memorial

Last month, while on loan from his family and his hometown of Owasso, Okla., Army Sgt. Andrew Looney was killed by a suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan. Three years ago, Sgt. Looney lost part of his right foot in Iraq. He went through rehab, was fit for a prosthetic, and instead of opting out of the military and out of the battlefield, he picked up right where he left off....more

Thank you for sharing this with us. My heart goes out to Looney's family. I'm passing this on to ...more

The Four Mythic Fates of the Funeral Parlor

When a cousin died five years ago, I came back to my small home town's Polish funeral parlor for an afternoon wake. I sat unobtrusively in the back. A small group of women filed in front of me who are the salt of this town's earth. They were members of the Rosary Sodality. They live lives of necessary and practical frugality. All were dressed in similar fashion -- sturdy snow boots, slacks, puffy, quilted snow parkas and hand knit hats and scarves. They are the family farm wives, with ruddy faces and chapped, calloused hands. They and their husbands have worked hard their entire lives, hoping to help their children to a better life. (The New England farm tends to be a small family business, not the large thousand-of-acres-farm of the American West and Midwest.) ...more

The Prettiest Coastal Towns in America

I'm still searching for the perfect town by the sea in a warmer climate..., luckily I live near one that made the list of "Prettiest Coastal Towns in America" by Forbes..., but as you might have guessed, it's coldish here (in New England)... This is a beginning: The List   ...more